We are based in the United Kingdom but operate internationally.
We offer expertise in the following areas:

Plastic Materials :: Business Management :: Business Structure :: Cost Management 

Plastic Materials

We have over 40 years experience in the Plastics industry.

We offer expertise in material selection and sourcing for applications using a wide range of thermoplastics.
Whether you are starting a new project or experiencing issues of performance or supply in a current project, we can assist you.
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Business Management

With over 50 years in business, both in the UK and Internationally, we are able to offer our expertise in Business Management to enhance your business.

Business Strategy, Structure and Performance
Do you need to review your company strategy, management, goals etc.?
Then contact us and we will discuss your needs and develop proposals for your business.

Short Term Management

Would your business benefit from having access to experienced management?
We can offer short term management expertise to help you steer your company to great success or to redefine its goals and set it on a true course to success.

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Critical Path Analysis

Is your business “hostage” to redundant activities or several people doing the same thing again and again?
Are your processes managed in a way that allows just-in-time inventory and the reduced costs associated with streamlining.

Let us work with you to route out inefficiency and to add value to the functions within your company.


Consistent performance and continual improvement are the keys to business success.
Does your organization recognize this?
Is your Quality Program a fundamental part of your business plan and driver to growth?
We can help you to revive the passion for improvement in your company.
Even the most successful companies can do better and create more growth and profitability.
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Continuous Improvement